Fold project had an opportunity to participate to another workshop by origami artist Paul Jackson. Workshop was arranged together by VTT and Aalto University, and it was a part of Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors, a course that combines math, arts, and architecture.

This time Fold project researchers and consortium partners had two days of folding exercises, learning methods of folding starting from a single sheet of paper and folding it into complex structures. After the first two days the workshop extended to soft materials – folding techniques for textiles using pleating molds and steaming.

Amazing work folded and photographed by the workshop participants.

The workshop offered a great opportunity for the consortium members and the project group to deepen their understanding of the principles related to folding and foldability. Big thanks to Paul Jackson, Aalto University for arranging and inviting Fold project members to join the workshop, all consortium partners for participation, and Paptic for providing materials for the use of Crystal Flowers course. And big thanks to all the students creating inspiring works during the week!