Fold aims to create novel folding technology for light-weight design structures and protective packaging

The main vision for Fold consortium is to create completely new portfolio of industrially foldable products that increase export volume and open new business opportunities. The new folding technology will be a radical innovation to the paper and packaging industry, as well as, to other industry areas, that enable large scale production of ever-before seen novel structures for number of different applications. On a large scale, the project contributes widely to the EU Green Transition Goals.


Who we are

Fold partners are influential actors in the Finnish paperboard producing, package converting, abrasive paper and acoustic panel, as well as, brand owner value chain. In particular, they represent production of board, engineering, production machinery and packaging line, and finally utilisation of packages and products. The partners are committed to the targets of the Fold project and in longer term to contribute to the growth of Finnish export and green transition goals.

Project structure and collaborations

Project numerics

Background photo by Valeria Azovskaya.