Aalto Math&Arts

There is both a need and an opportunity for students to engage with modern mathematics not contained in the current curriculum. This includes students in not only traditional schools of science and engineering, but also programs in arts and economics. To respond to these needs, Aalto Math&Arts offers a platform where not only students from diverse fields, but also teachers with different backgrounds, can share their ideas and views.

Publication in Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures

“Parametric linear finite element stress and stability analysis of isotropic and orthotropic self-supporting Miura-ori structures.” This study focuses on the mechanical performance of planar, self-supporting Miura-ori structures under compressive loads. Through systematic variations of both origami geometry and base material orientation, this study performs linear stress and stability analyses by utilizing the finite element method. The results reveal the effects of the geometric parameters and the material orthotropy on the structural performance, finally resulting in parameter ranges forming a basis for structural design.

FinnCERES: Redefining Bioeconomy

FinnCERES is a competence centre, jointly formed by Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in the area of materials bioeconomy. FinnCERES works to uncover answers to the most fundamental questions about lignocellulose disassembly and re-assembly and to create new, cost-competitive, bio-based materials that are expected to address the main challenges of our century, including resource sufficiency and climate change.

ExpandFibre accelerates the development of sustainable bioproducts

ExpandFibre is an R&D collaboration and an Ecosystem launched by Fortum and Metsä Group to accelerate the development of sustainable bioproducts. It focuses on upgrading pulp fibres, hemicellulose and lignin from renewable and sustainable sources of straw and northern wood into new bioproducts. Its ambition is to meet the growing demands for sustainable textile fibres and other added value biomaterials.