Fold Demo Day gathered Fold consortium partners with VTT and Aalto project groups to network, explore the folded demo samples, and to discuss the opportunities and application ideas for folded materials. The event showcased folded material explorations that had been made during and prior to the Fold project.

Consortium partners joined the event from Anpap, Elomatic, Lumene, Metsä Board, Orfer and Stora Enso.

The samples were divided to different categories based on their patterns. Most of the categories were based on the Miura-ori pattern and its variations. The categories were:

  • Miura pattern in different scales and angle variations
  • Miura variations with different profiles – folded into round shapes, box shapes, cylindrical shapes etc.
  • Perforated Miura samples with different punched hole patterns
  • Patterns that form a panel structure divided in sections
  • Miscellaneous patterns and miscellaneous materials

Being able to see and hold the demo samples made the subject much more tangible and allowed to explore the functionalities of the folded materials in practice. Multidisciplinary research topic and team as well as expertise from different fields led to great conversations and to various types of new application ideas for the folded materials, also beyond packaging.

The event pushed forward some great new ideas to be tested during the project. Thank you for all the participants!