Paul Jackson’s Corrugations workshop

Origami artist Paul Jackson will be hosting a hands-on folding workshop related to the Fold project at Aalto University in October. “Over 5 full days of group workshops and personal creative experimentation, Corrugations aims to introduce the language and multi-disciplinary creative potential of flexible folded surfaces and flexible folded forms, in packaging, engineering, math and … Continue reading Paul Jackson’s Corrugations workshop

Fold demo samples presented in May

Fold Demo Day gathered Fold consortium partners with VTT and Aalto project groups to network, explore the folded demo samples, and to discuss the opportunities and application ideas for folded materials. The event showcased folded material explorations that had been made during and prior to the Fold project. The samples were divided to different categories … Continue reading Fold demo samples presented in May

Press release: ExpandFibre 13.04.2022

FOLD project has joined ExpandFibre Ecosystem and Programmes. Read the news form ExpandFibre website: Multidisciplinary FOLD co-innovation project seeks durable future solutions for industrial needs.